We represent you

Tenant Representation

RPM Realty is a boutique real estate company, and proudly so. We are a firm of focused, hard working and results-oriented business people. Our goal is client satisfaction. We work on a limited number of select requirements and give them our undivided attention. Our clients have the comfort of knowing that they are getting 100% of our attention and energetically working on their requirement rather than “fitting it in as best we can”.

By authorizing RPM Realty to be your representative we will provide your firm with the following services:

  • We will discuss your going-forward needs to determine your office requirements.
  • We will ensure that you are properly educated on the Vancouver commercial real estate market.
  • We will research the market to identify all qualified alternative locations for your office space.
  • We will organize and conduct tours of all suitable alternatives. We will assist you in analyzing each alternative, both on financial and non-financial terms.
  • We will prepare all documentation on your behalf including the Letters of Intent and/or Offers to Lease.
  • We ensure you get the best possible financial terms by creating a competitive process amongst all landlords bidding for your tenancy (including your current landlord). Competition creates the best price.
  • We will at all times negotiate strictly on your behalf with all landlords so that you benefit from our negotiating expertise and gain the advantage of negotiating from a third party position.
  • We will review the lease from a real estate (non-legal) perspective to ensure that the non-financial issues are properly negotiated with your company’s long-term interests at heart.

By authorizing RPM Realty to be your representative, your company will realize several benefits:

  • Our systematic approach and in-depth market knowledge provides confidence that you are making the best business decision for your company.
  • Our coordination of all aspects of the leasing process saves you time to concentrate on your business.
  • The presence of a professional broker serves notice to your landlord that you are serious about moving if their renewal proposal is not competitive. Similarly, our presence signals to a new landlord that you will choose a better alternative if it represents a sharp deal. We provide credibility and strength to your negotiating position which will save you money.
  • Our strong relationship with Landlords, and track record of success, ensures that your requirement gets the landlord’s attention.
  • Our relationships with space planners & contractors, movers, and phone & internet installers ensure that all aspects of your company’s relocation (or renovation of your current premises) will be professionally managed.